SOS Trainings and Events

Looking to learn more about animal rights issues, build your skills, and meet other student activists working to end speciesism? SOS hosts monthly events—from documentary screenings to activism training sessions and more! Check back and follow us on Instagram (@petaxsos) to stay updated on all things SOS.

‘Students Opposing Speciesism’ Outreach Training

Whether you’re petitioning for more vegan options on campus or tabling at a concert, this outreach training will give you all the tips and tools to be the best advocate for animals you can be! Learn how to talk effectively about animal rights issues, get tips for tabling and leafleting, and more. This training is presented by our live events manager, Caroline, who’s toured around the country countless times to teach people about animal rights.

‘Students Opposing Speciesism’ Protest Training

Interested in protesting for animal rights but not sure where to start? It’s normal and OK to be nervous about your first protest, and you might have a lot of questions—but we’ve got you! SOS activist Erin, who has helped orchestrate eye-catching and effective protests on campus at the University of California–Davis, walks you through the steps in planning your own protest in this training!

‘Students Opposing Speciesism’ Social Media Training

Social media has the power to reach thousands, if not millions, of people with our important messages against speciesism, so this training will give you the rundown on being effective for animals on Facebook and Instagram. Learn the elements of a good (and bad) photo, how to draft captions and use hashtags, and more to get the word out about how people can help animals. This training is presented by PETA’s senior social media content creator, Bryn Smernoff, who created and then managed the Students Opposing Speciesism Instagram account for almost two years and helped make it highly successful.