Students Opposing Speciesism (SOS) Organizer

SOS organizes protests, campaigns, and actions to further animal liberation! You can start an official hub at your high school, on your college campus, or in your community to wage campaigns to help end speciesism near you or collaborate with PETA on our nationwide campaigns. Your activism is up to you—but as an organizer, you’ll be expected to communicate with other members and organizers and PETA staff and to attend bimonthly SOS brainstorming calls to support the youth-led SOS movement.

Prefer more solo activism or just want to get active online? No worries! As long as you’re signed up as an SOS member, you’ll get updates on campaigns, ways to help animals, and more. And you can e-mail us at [email protected] anytime.

Here are some ways you can get active as an SOS organizer:

  • Host SOS actions and protests to end speciesism.
  • Start an SOS hub in your community or on your school campus—this means starting a social media page for your hub and putting together a website, an e-mail list, or a group chat for your members and keeping them up to date.
  • As an organizer, you’ll be added to the SOS map, and other activists may get in touch with you about actions in your area.
  • Attend trainings offered by PETA covering things like press and media training, strategic campaign planning, and more.
  • Attend calls with PETA staff to brainstorm campaigns for SOS and beyond!

We welcome all. PETA is an abolitionist group—we aim for total animal liberation. To achieve this, we must be welcoming and accepting of all people. Racism, sexism, ableism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and other “-isms” are all connected and almost always overlap with each other and with speciesism. None of these will be tolerated.