FREE Stickers to Promote Never Wearing Animals

Whether it’s a pair of wool socks, a leather belt, or a down-filled, fur-lined jacket—anything that came from an animal was violently stolen. Humans respect and consider other animals so little that their very skin is torn off their bodies just because we want it. This is speciesism, and it must end.

When your friends and family shop, they may not see the gentle lamb who was punched and beaten for her wool, the cow who was held down and burned for his skin, the mother coyote who struggled to free herself from a trap and get back to her babies, or the millions of other animals who face terrifying and painful deaths because people want to wear their skin, fur, wool, and feathers. That’s why SOS exists—to show them and to encourage everyone to reject human supremacy and buy vegan.

UFC SOS demo

Wear your message loud and proud: Animals are NOT ours to wear. Order these new (free!) limited-edition stickers and take the message wherever you go—put them on your laptop, water bottle, iPad, or bike—or give them to someone who needs a reminder never to wear animals.

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