Call NIH: Demand an End to Monkey Terror Experiments

SOS is demanding an immediate end to what’s happening inside a National Institutes of Health (NIH) laboratory in Maryland, where experimenter Elisabeth Murray saws open monkeys’ heads and mutilates their brains, leaving them permanently damaged, and then purposely scares the caged animals with large rubber snakes and spiders—which she’s done for decades. Once she’s finished using the monkeys, she kills them as if they were disposable lab equipment.

This has cost taxpayers millions of dollars and hasn’t produced a single cure or treatment for humans, because how could it? It’s a truly insane thing to do.

SOS isn’t going to sit silently by while NIH’s war on animals rages on. We’re bombarding the agency with e-mails through our petition, holding protests all over North America, and sharing the monkeys’ stories on Instagram to show the public that America’s premier health agency is squandering its resources on extreme animal abuse. And now we’re also calling NIH directly to tell it to STOP these deranged experiments and to empty the cages NOW!

It’s time to defund Elisabeth Murray. We’re calling on NIH to stop terrorizing sensitive animals who deserve consideration, respect, and freedom—and we won’t stop until it stops.

Call NIH at 301-496-4000 to tell it that you know about the sickeningly cruel ways in which it exploits monkeys and demand an end to its monkey terror experiments.

Feel free to use these talking points:

  • NIH wastes billions of dollars every year on torturing animals, and people aren’t going to stand for these atrocities any longer.
  • Stop paying for callous humans to cage, mutilate, abuse, traumatize, and kill animals. You must empty the cages.
  • Please end the monkey terror experiments and close down this laboratory now!

Justice will prevail—but only if you take action now and keep your foot on the accelerator until our demands are met. Don’t stop showing people what NIH is doing to animals, and don’t stop speaking up for them online, in the streets, and over the phone until the monkey terror experiments are a thing of the past.

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