Tips on Standing Up for Animal Rights in College

This is it—college! You’ve finally packed up and left the nest, and you’re ready to start fresh at the school of your choice. It’s time to have new adventures, meet new people, and try new vegan foods. But between classes and social life, you may be wondering how you can make a difference and continue fighting for animal rights in college. Well, Students Opposing Speciesism (SOS) has some pointers.

Find an SOS Hub (or Start Your Own)

Joining SOS is a great way to stretch your animal activism wings. You can find nearby activists, protests, and other events and get the support you need from dedicated PETA staffers.

Not sure if your campus has an SOS hub already? Check out this handy map tool. If you don’t see one near you, start your own by applying here. After being accepted, you’ll receive a welcome kit full of essential protest supplies, like stickers and T-shirts.

Become a Campus Rep

Want to speak up for animals like it’s your job? Become an SOS campus rep and get paid $60 for each protest or outreach event you host on campus. We’ll provide all the materials that you need for free, and you’ll be paired with an SOS staff member who will help guide your events, advise on hub management, and develop strategies for your campaigns to advance the cause of animal liberation.

*Eligibility requirements apply. But don’t worry—if you’re not able to join the program, you can still become an SOS member or organizer.

Plan Protests and Wage Your Own Campaign on Campus

Protesting is one of the most effective ways to effect social change. SOS organizers are always planning protests, and by joining SOS, you’ll be notified when one is happening in your area. We offer free protest kits and printable leaflets you can use in a pinch.

Take things a step further and wage your own campaign on campus to help animals. Check out the SOS campaign guide!

Stick It to the System: Sticker Activism

Stickers are a great way to spread a message. SOS can send you all sorts of stickers to boost your animal rights activism and help expose speciesist habits, like consuming animals, wearing their skin or wool, or using their bodies for dissection.

Great spots for SOS stickers include school folders, water bottles, and message boards—the possibilities are endless! Where will you place yours? Order a FREE Anti-Speciesism Starter Pack today.

Urge Your School’s Dining Hall to Offer More Vegan Options

If your school’s food options are lacking, talk to the dining hall’s management. Offer ideas on vegan food staples to make sure they know what’s needed to support a healthy vegan diet. Ask for all vegan options to be clearly labeled if they’re not already.

E-mailing the dean of your university is another great way to make your voice heard. Don’t be afraid to meet in person, bringing along other vegans for support. Explain what you expect from your institution and how you would like your needs to be met.

Apply for a peta2 Advanced Marketing Internship

Most universities require internships, so why not get one with an organization you know and love? peta2 offers a paid internship program that allows students to take action for animal liberation within a close-knit team. The program typically lasts three months, and there may be additional opportunities to expand your animal rights journey with other positions. Work with PETA gamechangers, and make a difference.

Be Loud and Proud With Animal Rights Merchandise

Wearing vegan apparel is a great way to start important conversations. The PETA Shop has a variety of merchandise, from T-shirts to socks to hats. There are also items for your animal companion!

Interested in becoming an SOS organizer? We’ll send you an SOS T-shirt to start your vegan collection. (And SOS members get 10% off their purchases with code “SOS.”)

Be Prepared for Any Animal Emergency

Check out PETA’s guide to making your own animal-rescue kit so you’re always ready to help an animal in an emergency. Whether you see an injured cat, a homeless domestic rabbit, or a dog stuck in a car, this kit has everything you need.

Photo of PETA's animal rescue kit with a cardboard animal carrier, leash, and towel.

If you need help with an animal emergency, you can always contact PETA at 757-622-7382.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

College students and social media go hand and hand. Use the sites and apps you’ve been on for years to make your opinion known. On Instagram, SOS offers great resources and inspiring content that you can repost on your story or share on your grid for your followers to see. If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million.


Now you’re ready to make these four years count with some life-changing activism. Use these tips to spread the word and save some animals!